Native American Crafts

The following photos represent crafts from the Hopi, Zuni and other Pueblo tribes and represent a portion of our personal collection. None of the items are for sale.
Email us and we can possibly connect you with an artisan. (We receive no fee)

Awatovi by Lawrence Namoki (1949-2020)
Lawrence Namoki, 1949-2020, Walpi Village ("Awatavi")

Lawrence Namoki (1949-2020)
Lawrence Namoki

John Toya, Jemez

Loyd Yepa | Jemez Pueblo

Dorothy Trujillo, Storyteller, Cochiti

Storyteller, Cochiti Pueblo

Storyteller, Jemez


Carla Claw, Hopi

Marty and Elvira Naha Nampeyo | Hopi

Lorenda Shula, Walpi Village, Hopi

Bernice and Dusty Naranjo

Ladelle Nampey (large) and Lucy M. Lewis

Nellie Nampeyo

Ralph Aragon, San Felipe Pueblo

Nancy Chilli, Navajo

Picuris Pueblo

Juan Tafoy, San Ildefonso

Zuni Fetishes

Hopi Necklace (Gift from Craig Andrews)

Hopi Pot (Anna Montoya)

Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo

L. Yepa, Jemez Pueblo

Mia David, Hopi

Wayne Poleahla

Wayne Poleahla

Wayne Poleahla

Acoma pot

Hopi, Old Oraibi

Noreen Simplicio, Zuni

Noreen Simplicio, Zuni

Loyd Yepa, Jemez

Jake Koopee, Hopi (1970-2011)
Jacob Koopee, 1970-2011, Great-great-grandson of Nampeyo